"Somehow something needs to be done to where you get a diagnosis
of that sort and you fall under the umbrella of 'we the people' are here
to take care of 'us the people' and it's just not that way right now."

about us

Films That Move

Despite the exceptional power of films to generate emotion and inspiration, they are seldom used to push forward a worthy social cause.  Films That Move was created to produce movies that inspire people while they watch as well as compel and empower them to take action. 

The creation of Films That Move was inspired by a desire to create a documentary about cancer and the things ordinary people do that touch the world in extraordinary ways.  Additionally, we wanted to create a film that provided its audience with real opportunities to get involved.  Converting inspiration to perspiration- using the film as a means though which ordinary people could be inspired to take action. 

The premiere film of Films That Move is entitled "What People Do."  We followed the Illini 4000, a group college-aged students, as they rode their bicycles from New York City to San Diego to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer during the summer of 2007.  Despite the incredible diversity present across the country, a common voice started to emerge from those with whom we spoke. In spite of perceptions of a divided and unfriendly country with irreconcilable differences, we found a few issues around which all Americans could unite.  One of these issues is cancer.  When we rally around such issues we not only address the things that are most important to us- we also realize the true potential of our country.  The beauty and inspiration of a community rallying around a common cause is truly amazing.  Disparities in resources and access to care present throughout our country further emphasize the importance of uniting to battle this disease.  These issues are precisely the themes of "What People Do."