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To whom it may concern,

A group of 15 students from the University of Illinois biked from New York City to San Diego over the course of this past summer to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer.  Films That Move followed them across the country to capture an inspiring story depicted in the film "What People Do."

After only a few weeks on the road, our documentary already promised to capture an incredible story of human triumph, selfless compassion and support, and communities rallying together around a common cause. It took the first few days of filming to realize that this journey was not only a story about fighting cancer or even about a bike ride; it was also about ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things for each other.  The main premise of the film is as follows:  Despite common perceptions of a selfish, self-absorbed, and uncaring America that is unable to get beyond disagreements and differences, there are a few causes around which we can all unite.  Cancer is one of those causes.  When we as a country focus our energy and efforts around these unifying issues, we tend to not only focus on the things that matter the most to us, but we are also able to realize the true potential of our country.  The film is set to capture this inspiring dynamic and call upon the country to rally around the fight against cancer. 

While we do not have a production budget that rivals those of big Hollywood films, we do have the passion and energy needed to make this project a success. We are depending on the support of those who believe that this journey is a story worth telling.

Financial support from willing parties will help manage the costs incurred through production and distribution of the documentary, enabling this inspiring story to be shared with the Nation.  The final film will be entered in a wide variety of national and international film festivals, as well as distributed across the country with the help of representatives from the American Cancer Society's Colleges Against Cancer.  Our goal is to raise $10,000, which will allow this objective to become a reality.

Please visit our documentary website at to learn more about our film, our fund-raising status, and to view our preliminary trailer. We would greatly appreciate your consideration of supporting our project, as well as your help in spreading the word to anyone you think might be interested. Furthermore, we would love to show our appreciation for your support by acknowledging your contribution in the final credits of our film, which will be shown throughout the country. Financial contributions can be made by writing a check to the following address:

Alicia Wojcik
Associate Producer
1765 Telegraph Rd.
Bannnockburn, IL 60015

Thank you very much!


Zachary Herrmann

Zachary Herrmann
Films That Move
Executive Producer