what can I do today?

Don't wait. There are many ways you can help today, right now. Find some of them below:

  • Tell your mom or any woman over 40 to get a mammogram.
  • Tell your dad or any man over 50 to get his prostate checked.
  • Walk or ride your bike to work.
  • Tell your loved ones over 50 years old to get a colonoscopy.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants.
  • Write an editorial for a local newspaper or on-line paper requesting Smokefree Legislation.
  • Change your search engine:
    • Use searchtofight.org and fight cancer by donating to the American Cancer Society every time you search at no charge to you
    • Try goodsearch.com to search and donate to a charity of your choice.
    • Employ the Yahoo! powered LookPink.com which contributes its revenue to Breast Cancer Research.
  • Visit cancer.org for many ideas and ways to get involved.
  • Call (800) ACS-2345, (available 24/7) for information about cancer, resources, and opportunities in your area.
  • Call or e-mail your Representatives and Senators and ask them to make cancer funding a priority during the 2008 legislative session.
  • Get the HPV Vaccine.
  • Visit the Intercultural Cancer Council to learn more about how cancer affects certain subgroups of our population unequally.
  • Donate to one of many organizations
  • Join the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to become empowered to fight cancer on the legislative front.
  • Visit holeinthewallcamps.org to learn more about camps who serve children who are affected by serious illnesses.

Find more ways to take action!