"And all it takes is a little initiative, a little bit of dreaming, and a
heart that is so big that says 'we want to help' and we want to do
something for our nation, for our community, for our families." 

take action!

We need your help in fighting cancer and in supporting the film.

The last few years have been witness to dramatic drops in deaths caused by cancer.  Considering that cancer is one of leading causes of death around the world, this trend is truly significant and pays tribute to the efforts of millions who are working to eradicate this disease.  However, too many people are still subjected to hearing the words "you have cancer." 

The fact that nearly two thirds of cancers are preventable by lifestyle choices emphasizes the significance of education as an important factor in the fight against cancer.  Furthermore, although we have come a long way with groundbreaking research, prevention, and early detection efforts, it is not enough if certain populations in our society are effectively denied access to these advances.  For these reasons, and many more, it is imperative that we as a global community rally together to take up this fight.